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Our Owner Bret Wirta and General Manager Chloe Fagg welcomed our Magnuson Hotel partners to the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wirta said, "The Magnuson Hotel executive team truly appreciated our boutique hotel. They especially liked our unique, mid-century modern design and the garden oasis courtyard surronding our year-round, outdoor pool. Magnuson showed us how to highlight these features, not mute them like other franchises." General Manager Chloe Fagg said, "I like the simplicity of the Magnuson Hotel’s Star Club. Our guests don't have to keep track of points to earn rewards like other programs. They simply save 25% off on their reservation –anywhere, every time." (L-R) Hotel Owner-Bret Wirta, Magnuson Chief Operating Officer/CFO-Jason Beasley, Magnuson Director of Business Development-KC Cook and General Manager-Chloe Fagg.