• Top Ten things to see at Papago Park

Top Ten things to See at Papago Park

Papago Park is a hilly, desert park covering 1500 acres and is known for its distinctive red sandstone geological formations. The Park also has a wide variety of typical desert plants, including the giant saguaro cactus. It’s as easily half-mile walk along McDowell Street to Papago Park where you can use the Cross Cut Canal Multi-Use Path for walking, jogging, roller-blading or bicycling. Within the park there are places to picnic and ponds for fishing. Most of the places to visit in the park are within easy walking distance of the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn.

The whimsical map by artist Per Berg gives you an idea of the layout of the park. These are the places to see:

  1. Hole in the Rock – An interesting geological formation and it is one of the area’s most visited sites. Mile Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 1 mile.
  2. Phoenix Zoo – Home to more than 1,400 animals, including 30 species that are endangered or threatened. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 1.9 miles
  3. Botanical Gardens - A vast 140 acres area containing 21,000 different plants, including over 100 endangered species. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn – 1.1 miles.
  4. Hunt's Tomb - An unusual, twenty-foot high mausoleum modeled after an Egyptian pyramid. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn -1.7 Miles.
  5. Sun Devil Stadium - Formerly Phoenix Municipal Stadium and now home of Arizona State University Sun Devil’s Baseball Team. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 2 miles.
  6. Arizona Historical Museum - Diverse topics are examined such as World War II’s effects on Arizona, the rise of desert cities, pop culture and sports, Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 1.7 miles.
  7. Papago Golf Course - Long considered the finest public golf course in the state. It was designed by esteemed golf course architect William Francis (Billy) Bell, who's known for Torrey Pines in San Diego. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 2.2 miles.
  8. Arizona Military Museum – The museum’s mission is show the history of the Militia of Arizona and the Arizona National Guard. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 2.3 miles.
  9. Open-Air Theater - This 3,500-seat amphitheater was constructed in 1933 by the CCC and hosted Easter sunrise services, concerts, and community events. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Pagago Inn - 1.2 miles.
  10. Crosscut Canal Multi-use Path -The canal was built by pioneers in 1888 to bring irrigation water from the Arizona Canal to the Grand Canal. Today, it has a popular, multi-use trail that runs alongside the canal the length of Papago Park. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - half a mile. 
  11. Hall of Flame - The Hall of Flame has over 90 fully restored pieces of fire apparatus on display, dating back from 1725. The museum honors firefighters who have died in the line of duty or who have been decorated for heroism and also includes a gallery dedicated to the history of wildland firefighting. Distance from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn - 2.5 miles.