Visit the Top Ten Ghost Towns in Arizona - if you dare!

Arizona has hundreds of ghost towns, camps and historical locations and many are central to the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn. The most famous Arizona ghost towns are places that are really quite lively! They welcome tourists, have fun events, and offer overnight accommodations and great food. There are also some pretty desolate ghost towns where all you might find are tumbleweeds blowing through a handful of falling-down structures. Many are an easy day trip from the Magnuson Hotel Papago Inn.  

More millionaires per square foot than anywhere else

Bisbee - This is a lively ghost town. Bisbee once held more millionaires per square foot than anywhere else. Today, the hilly streets and narrow alleyways hold colorful shacks and tiny shops, and the brick and stone commercial buildings have been restored into hotels, galleries, theaters and restaurants. 

The town too tough to die

Tombstone - This famous ghost town in Arizona was popularized by the infamous Gunfight at the O. K. Coral. Tombstone became wealthy on copper mining but went bust when the copper ran out. Today Tombstone flourishes, this time based on tourism. Tombstone really does deserve its name – the town too tough to die.

The kids will love this place! (And so will the rest of you)

Goldfield - The kids will love this place! There's something to do for everybody in this recreated boom town, but there have been serious prospecting and real mining in the district for the last 150 years.

Finding a mine that has been lost for over a century

The Lost Dutchman Goldmine – Ok, so not a ghost town, but the Lost Dutchman Mine trail in the Superstition Wilderness is haunted with broken souls who spent their lives chasing this dream.

A bloody child roaming the halls at night

Hotel Monte Vista - Prostitutes haunt the 4th floor room that they where thrown from, and a little girl in a bloody nightgown roams the halls of the most haunted hotel in Arizona.

Spectacular views, shops, good food and a few ghosts

Jerome – This billion-dollar copper mine was once the 4th largest city in Arizona. Today this ghost town clings to the edge of a mountain. Get ready for spectacular views and lots of shops and good food. 

Italian marble, Tiffany windows and ghosts that mingle with the guests

Douglas – In the center of town is the historic Gadsden Hotel. The lobby is built with Italian marble and Tiffany windows. Here the ghosts are said to mingle with the guests. 

A few more interesting ghost towns in Arizona

Ruby – This mining camp began in the 1870s, when a rich vein of silver was discovered and it remained active until the early 1940s. Ruby and its many buildings are currently open for self-guided tours for a small fee. 

Oatman – This ghostown is still alive today. Once the town even had its own newspaper, today it’s know for its wild burros. 

Clifton – This mining district was organized in 1869. Soon hotels, stores, and saloons sprung up and the town boomed. A mill and smelter were built in 1872. 

Swansea – The ghost town of Swansea is a real ghost town that’s being preserved by the Bureau of Land Management. Today, dozens of buildings and structures remain and it’s one of the best ghost towns in the state to visit.